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About us

Ted's Tasties is a solo human (Lauren), solo dog (Ted) small business, run and based in Kent.

Ted's Tasties started as a little hobby: donating money where possible for dog rescues, anonymity shelters and offering free treats to dogs in foster settings.

Whilst all this still remains, we quickly became the talk of the town for our personal touches, great quality natural products and competitive prices.

but how did it all begin?.....

Early 2021, I searched, applied, and made phone calls to various dog rescue centres, here in the UK. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I was denied the opportunity to adopt on my doorstep.


Scrolling through social media one day, (and not knowing it quite yet), a unique friendship was stirring.

On the streets of Macedonia, a litter of 3 brothers were found. However, their mother had passed, and they were left fending for themselves. Emaciated and riddled with parasites, their chance of survival looked very bleak. 


So.....being advertised for adoption, and not even knowing if it was a real rescue plea, I adopted this sad looking puppy......and I paid and waited.

Skip to August 2021, Ted landed on my doorstep, after travelling a gruelling 2000 miles across the Romanian border.

Instantly, I fell in love with this (at the time) very smelly, very troubled and extremely reactive creature. Despite all this, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for my new best friend, I wondered how I could give back.

Therefore, that's how Ted's Tasties was established, and since February 2022, we have gone from strength to strength.

 Now, Ted is a local celebrity.

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