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Antler Powder

Antler Powder

Antler Powder (500g), is a natural supplement that helps to reduce cholesterol.


Made from 100% natural shed antler it contains high volumes of naturally occuring minerals and nutrients to aid circulation and improve metabolism.


Antlers can be very dense, so isnt the right chew for puppies or elderly dogs with soft teeth. Antler powder is the perfect alternative to make sure they get these benefits.

High in protein
Contains phosphorous for healthy kidneys
High in magnesium, calcium & energy
Contains iron for healthy blood

Feeding Guidelines
Sprinkle onto your dog’s food, or combine with other ingredients, such as plain yoghurt or dog friendly peanut butter, as a nutritious treat. These feeding guidelines are intended only as a guide and you should adjust the recommended amount to suit your dog's needs.

Introduce to your dog’s diet gradually, over a period of two weeks to avoid any digestive upset in dogs occurring. If you notice any adverse effects in your dog during this transition cease using this product immediately and consult your veterinarian.

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