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Fishy Twists

Fishy twists are 100% air-dried and from sustainable sources.  Around 30cm long and packed with protein and Omega-3 essential fatty acids, these twisted treats are perfect for boosting your pet’s nutrient intake. Free from fillers, additives and preservatives, our fish twists are naturally great-tasting with a hugely enjoyable texture. 


Fish twists are made from 100% dried white fish skins. White fish includes cod, hake and haddock, and contains an abundance of nutrients which promote doggy health. Consisting of 87% quality protein, our fish twists are a great way to contribute to your pet’s daily protein intake.


Protein is required for a multitude of functions in the body including muscle and tissue formulation and repair, hair growth and skin cell formulation, as well as being a source of energy.

White fish is also rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids which dogs need to consume as part of their diet. Omega-3 is vital for the optimal health the brain, heart, skin, coat, bones and joints.


As a natural product, sizes may vary slightly.


Analytical Constituents

  • Moisture 7.13%
  • Protein 87.8%
  • Fat 2.56%
  • Ash 11.7%
  • Fibre 1.0%


Supervision required with all natural treats, and fresh drinking water made available.

Fishy Twists

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