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Ostrich Dino Bone

With an internal honeycomb-like structure for a light & crumbly chew that lasts and lasts...


Despite their enormous size Ostrich Dino Bones are very light because they're formed with a honeycomb-like internal structure that makes them a softer, yet still very durable chew for small and larger dogs alike. 

Many people report that a 15 minute session with an ostrich bone a few times a week significantly reduces the amount of plaque on their dog's teeth, and it's easy to see that dogs absolutely love them!

Their unique texture means they're rewarding enough for smaller dogs to get stuck into yet durable enough to be a satisfying chew for a larger hound.  Remove after 20 minutes, and save the rest for future chewing sessions!


Ostrich is a highly sustainable, low allergen meat & their bones are really low in fat, so they're a handy way to cheer up a dieting dog or those prone to pancreatitis.


Each bone is around 30cm/12" long 

(this is a natural product so size and shape will vary)



Please note that although these bones are less prone to splintering than most, it can happen.  For this reason ostrich bones are not suitable for puppies. 


 We would always recommend monitoring your dog when feeding any chew, including ostrich bones, as there is always an element of risk.  Always remove large bits if they come off and discontinue use if they display risky chewing behaviour.  



100% Ostrich


Constituents (per 100g)

Crude protein 29.2%
Crude oils and fats 2.4%
Crude fibre less than 4.4%
Crude ash 53.5%
Moisture 5.8%

Ostrich Dino Bone

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