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Snuffle Mats

We have all seen dogs who turn into furry vacuum cleaners at feeding time. Rapidly gulping down their food, as well as a ton of air, these dogs make it their mission to eat their food as quickly as possible. For many dogs, this is a basic instinct: when food is readily available, they eat as quickly as possible, getting an edge on any competing canines in the area.


This is not the ideal way for your dog to enjoy their meals. Not only does your dog not chew its food, which can help digestion and dental health, it can also lead to anxiety. Luckily, snuffle mats are an excellent choice for helping your dog eat and take treats in a more controlled and healthy manner.


Our snuffle mats measure 47cmx 47cm, and have a hard rubber non slip backing.

Snuffle Mats

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