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Ted's Pate
  • Ted's Pate

    Ted's natural and tasty pate for dogs is made from 100% fresh and human grade meats which are grain and gluten free.

    Pate key benefits: 

    400g batons

    They are made from 100% fresh meat (single source protein) – no offal!

    Made from the same human grade meat as all of our natural treats. 

    Unique firm ‘paté like’ texture ideal for stuffing kongs & food mats, but firm enough to cut into cubes.

    Perfect for using as a topper for both kibble and raw fed dogs

    Great as a training treat when diced

    Grain and gluten free – no preservatives or additives.

    Long shelve life

    100% natural

    Easy to digest

    Grain and gluten free

    Naturally low in fat

    High in protein


    No preservatives

    Healthy and nutritious

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